Citrix Program Neighborhood

Citrix Program Neighborhood 11.0

Creates a digital workspace for safe data handling

Establish a protected environment for handling specific data with the suite providing pass-through authentication, automatic desktop and start menu integration along with server access. The web interface offers the option to upload or import data online.

Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent (PNa) consists of a server and client component. There is no separate installation package for the server component of PNa as it is integrated in the Citrix Web Interface setup. The PNa Client is part of the Citrix Presentation Server Client Packager.

The PNa client provides centralized management of the client settings via the Access Management Console and Published Application settings. PNa also offers pass-through authentication, automatic desktop and start menu integration, as well as client to server content redirection, whereby the local Windows File Type Association is altered so that local files automatically launch the associated Citrix Published Application. These features make PNa the Citrix Client of choice for many organizations, as they can deploy a domain member workstation with only the PNa client installed. Some organizations also run PNa on Citrix Servers and publish desktops, so users log on from a thin client device and their desktop is automatically populated with their application set by PNa.

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